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——Global Employment & Training Program from Fanfan Studio

"Your passport to China !"

What is GET rogram                                                                                                          

What GET program offers to you?           

How GET program works                           

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What is GET Program

GET program is a global professional exchange program started from 2009. This program is supported by Fanfan Studio (www.fanfanstudio.org), an NGO supported by Shanghai government. This program is a win-win platform to share international employment and training resources with other organizations and countries. GET program will do service for local or international companies to recruit international talents to join and develop together with culture recognition with the following Vision and Mission.


To distinguish and serve international value-driven employers and talents, then to be a positive engine to support add-value development by providing talents and training service to China.


-  To build a win-win platform to share international employment and training resources

-  To develop efficient and high quality cooperation system continually

-  To help cross-cultural understanding to benefit both international employers and employees

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What GET program offers to you?

A.     Working Opportunity in China.

China is a booming market for Architecture. Hundred thousand of projects are moving on this incredible continent. Financial Crisis comes, Chinese architecture companies still have so many projects to do until next years’ middle. European Architecture market is shrinking, there are not enough projects for new graduate students to do. China will be a great place for you to explore your new future career development!

B.      One-stop job hunting service

To work in China, please feel no worry about the working visa or any other negotiation with employers. Fanfan Studio will handle all these stuffs for you. The only thing you have to do is to send us your package. Then wait for the good news from China! We will never let you down if you really want to come to China to explore your future.

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How GET program works

Applicants package collection  ————  Send an inquiry e-mail containing your CV and portfolio titled as “GET Architecture Program” to allen@fanfanstudio.org

Packages selection by employer  ————  Each package will be sent to employer to select

Applicants interview  ————  Interview between possible applicants and employers

Sending acceptance package  ————  Applicants who has been enrolled will get invitation letter and acceptance package from employers

Process working visa  ————  Fanfan Studio will process working visa for applicants to come to China

Start Work in China ————  Buy fly ticket and welcome to China!

Start Work in China   ————  Buy fly ticket and welcome to China!

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Working Conditions


Your salary in China for the fist 4 months probation period will be 3500 – 5000 RMB per month. And after the probation period, your salary will up to 8000 – 12000 RMB per month. 

B. Cost

Cost in China is different depending on which city you work. In Shanghai, the normal lodging cost is around 2500 - 3000 RMB, which includes accommodation, daily traffic and 3 meals.

C.     Accommodation

Fanfan Studio will assist you to find your new home in China if you need our help. The standard accommodation for 1 person will be 1 single or double room with shared bath room. Television and wash machine and kitchen is also provided.

D.     Contact person

For any question about the work or daily life in China, you can contact Fanfan studio for help, please email to allen@fanfanstudio.org or call +86 21 61712535    


Program fee of GET program

Application Fee: 500 RMB(no refundable)

Visa service Fee and Airport Pick Up: 2000 RMB (for 3 months internship visa)/4000 RMB (1 year working visa *need 1 year working experience)

Health and Travel Insurance : 500 RMB/month (optional)

Management Fee (Accommodation facilities problems solving, culture shock problems solving and daily life problems consulting): 500 RMB/month (optional)

Accommodation Searching Fee: 35% of the monthly rent (once payment)

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Q & A

What GET program offers to enrolled talents?

Every talent has been recruited by GET program will have a work visa for 1 year in China and the first 4 months is a probation period. After the probation, both employer and employee will decide whether they want to stay with each other for longer time. If yes, talent can stay in the company for another 8 months and afterwards, Fanfan Studio will extend his or her visa for another 1 year ( if talents want to keep on working in this company or China, Fanfan studio will keep doing service for them). If no, we will arrange another company for this talent or he or she can decide to find a job by him or herself. Fanfan Studio will help to arrange the working visa.

What salary level will GET program offers?

In probation period, talents will get internship level payment every month to cover their basic life needs and wants (traffic fee, 3 meals and accommodation). It is 3500 - 4500RMB. After the probation period, talents will sign formal employment agreement with the employer, and their salary level will be from 8000 RMB to 10000RMB or higher, depends on the agreement between them and the employer.

How much will GET program charge for?

For Internship program, talents should pay 500 RMB for application fee and 2000 RMB for 3 months internship visa and airport pick-up. The visa application fee charged by each Chinese consulate in each county and fly ticket is afforded by talents their own.

For working visa, talents should pay pay 500 RMB for application fee and 4000 RMB for a 1 year visa and airport pick-up. The visa application fee charged by each Chinese consulate in each county and fly ticket is afforded by talents their own. The health check fee charged by Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau and application fee charged by Foreign Affairs Office for Residence Permit are afforded by applicant himself , which are around 1100 RMB.

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Contact us

Allen Zhu

Program Director



Email: allen@fanfanstudio.org

Da Wang

Europe Area Supervisor




Fanfan Studio—International Human Resource Allocation Center

Room 85,Floor 3,,No. 218,Yong Yin Building, South Xi Zang Rd,Shanghai(200021), China

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